6 figure dropshipping mini training!
6 figure dropshipping mini training!
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if this is you: ready to kickstart your passive income with a mentor that teaches from the beginning

is this you:wanting a life of financial freedom without intensive labour

if this is you: ready to learn a high income skill. Work anywhere in the world with freedom of time
then you are in the right place.

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Start here!  This training is designed to kickstart your drop shipping journey and provide you with hands-on support from experts in the digital field. step by step video + digital guide to kickstart your drop shipping journey the right way. from step 1. drop-shipping fundamentals with where to find suppliers understanding winning product selection, and where too set up a professional online store. Including effective marketing strategies through my 6 figure organic marketing strategy  Here's what you can expect from our mini 6 figure dropshipping course : •Setting up a profitable Shopify store: We cover every detail, ensuring you have a solid foundation to launch your business.Running profitable Facebook/Instagram ads: Learn strategies that work and drive real results. •Essential tools for e-commerce success: Get equipped with the tools and knowledge you need to thrive. •Profitable content creation: Master the art of creating content that engages and converts.Identifying winning products and conducting supplier research. •Life time access to all training videos, resources, and exclusive bonuses.   At Banks Consultancy, we understand the frustration of hopping from course to course without a clear direction. That's why our training provides a comprehensive roadmap tailored to your success. We believe in empowering our clients with the...

The Perfect


Are you new to dropshipping and feeling overwhelmed by where to start? I understand,I’ve been there too.My 3-Day Dropshipping Training for Beginners is tailor-made for you! Picture this: In just three days, you'll go from confusion to confidence as i guide you through creating a high-converting website, mastering marketing strategies, and uncovering winning products that sell like hotcakes. No more guessing games or endless searching for answers. I’ve simplified everything you need to know into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step training designed to address your pain points and turn them into opportunities for success. Join me and transform your drop-shipping journey from uncertain to unstoppable! Register now and take control of your online business dreams.

Around YOU

I understand the challenges of starting from scratch and the overwhelming amount of information out there. That's why I’ve designed this training to be beginner-friendly, providing you with the foundational knowledge and practical skills needed to kickstart your drop-shipping journey confidently. Whether you're a stay-at-home parent looking to earn extra income or an aspiring entrepreneur seeking financial freedom, this training is your gateway to building a profitable online business without the guesswork.

6 figure marketing

we delve deep into the crucial aspect of marketing that often scares newcomers. Here's what you can expect to learn: 1. Target Audience Identification: Understand who your ideal customers are, how to reach them, and what messaging resonates with them to make sales in your sleep ,I’ll guide you through market research techniques to pinpoint your target audience's needs and preferences. Effective Advertising Strategies:Explore various advertising platforms such as social media ads, and influencer marketing. Learn how to create compelling ad campaigns that drive traffic, engagement, and ultimately, sales to your dropshipping store. Conversion Optimization: Discover the secrets to converting website visitors into paying customers. From persuasive copywriting to optimising product pages for conversions, you'll gain practical skills to maximize your store's profitability. A step by step playbook to becoming profitable with dropshipping

become profitable

step by step guidance

dropshipping to success

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i join this training if i have no dropshipping experience?

Absolutely,this training is designed with you in mind ,getting started with thousands of different methods going around overcomplicates dropshipping,in this training you will be equiqqed with the most important fundementals to become profitable with consistency in the E-commerce space.

Do I Have To have anything in place to join the fail proof dropshipping training?

Not at all, I take you through the entire journey from scratch in dropshipping,all you will need is excitement for your new journey and of course! as many questions you cannot seem to find the answer too in dropshipping.

What If i am unable to attend a class?

No Biggy, participants receive a lifetime of access to all recordings, this allows you to follow the step by step tutorial when you are ready to kickstart your journey

how long does it take for someone to become profitable in dropshipping

Great question,dropshipping is definitely not luck, results vary based on your marketing plan ,some clients see sales after a few hours of launching while others might see it in a few weeks, it comes down to your website ,content plan and of course, your product.

How does the money back guarantee work?

after 4 million+ in online sales {tracked] MULTIPLE 6 figure growth partners,3 million in client revenue for 2023 alone,im more than confident in my ability to train others,if you show up day to day, put in the work and follow my research and marketing plan and do not see sales after 90 days of consistency?email me tj@tjbanksconsultancy.com,if you truly do not find value in my teachings i do not believe in withholding funds.
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